Aéroport Roland-Désourdy Aéroport Roland-Désourdy Aéroport Roland-Désourdy

Complementary products and services

Bistro M

A restaurant is available in our airport terminal and offers breakfast and lunch. Diners are also available for groups with reservation.  Come and enjoy a good meal with a nice view of the runway and aircrafts.  For more information or for a reservation, contact the restaurant directly at:

Bistro M  450-919-3999

Aviation Goulet

Aviation R. Goulet inc.
101 rue du Ciel, C.P. 599 Bromont
Quebec, Canada, J2L 1A9
Phone : (450) 534-2881
Fax : (450) 534-1771

  • TC approved shop: OMA 152-90
  • General maintenance – fixed wing: unpressurized & pressurized piston
  • Heavy maintenance – fixed wing : conversions, modifications, major airframe repair
  • Consultants in Import & Export

Pilot’s Association of Bromont Inc

The Role of our Association

To bring together in an association people / members who have aviation as a common interest. We strive to develop our technical skills in a safe forum, and to furnish a platform and a place in a common area (the Airport).

Our Objectives

To plan get-togethers with the following goals:

  • Flying
  • Perfecting our technical knowledge,
  • Improving our safety in flight,
  • Exchanging common interest with other clubs,
  • Entertaining ourselves with aviation-related games,
  • Providing our members with a place to socialize.

You can contact us at the following:

Edmont Perreault: (450) 263-7324
Serge Boudreau: (450) 375-3938
Pierre Dumont: (450) 266-7539
Gaston Ménard: (450) 534-3156

Eid Air Flight School

Recreational Permit

  • Pilot’s license: Private, Professional, Instructor
  • Qualifications: Night Flying, VFR OTT
  • Everything in a Cessna or Piper

Come live an extraordinary experience and enjoy the scenery…

  • Tours
  • Training
  • Rental

ACE  Glider Club

Gliding originated with the beginning of aviation, when men were learning to fly. Rich in history, this sport has never ceased evolving. The first goal of gliding is safety, which has resulted in the development and teaching of safe practices by qualified instructors. Your training is followed step-by-step by ground and air equipment until your first solo flight.

For informations and reservations:   (514) 862-1216

Car rental service

A car hiring service is available with prior arrangement or upon arrival.