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Situated in Southern Quebec, the Bromont-Cowansville-Granby region is only a 45 minute drive from Montreal and an hour from Dorval and Mirabel airports. Bromont’s airport is located in the heart of one of the region’s industrial parks.

Four million people live within an 80 kilometer radius and over one hundred million within a 1,000 kilometer radius. The proximity of this enormous market offers area businesses the possibility of exporting, within 24 hours, a major percentage of their output and opens wide the doors to Quebec, Canada, the United States… and the whole world.

Industrial sites

The Eastern Townships Regional Airport is situated in the heart of the high-tech industry of Bromont and serves the industrial parks of Cowansville and Granby which are situated 15 kilometers away.

Bromont Industrial Park:
Surface area: 7000 acres and 230 acres

Cowansville Industrial Park:
Surface area: 230 acres and 278 acres

Granby Industrial Park:
Surface area: 1550 acres

Possibility of industrial visits upon request.